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Over 10 years of design, content creation and social media marketing experience

DiSoMo Solutions is a boutique marketing firm delivering engaging media marketing solutions. Our main focus is helping smaller sized Italian brands and businesses with smaller budgets, obtain larger results.


Areas of Guidance

Digital marketing

Having an eye catching website is usually the first step in starting your online presence. Loaded with endless options, WordPress is the most diversified website creation tool. And our top recommendation to create an attention getting website is to use a theme from StudioPress.

Next, keep your website running smoothly. Our recommended all-in-one solution for WordPress backup & security is BlogVault with MalCare. The ultimate in protection and service at an affordable price.

Another option for ease of website creation is Squarespace. This cloud-based web development platform allows users to create impressive web and mobile sites. Simple creation. Professional web presence. 


Social Marketing

With creating a social media presence, you gain a larger audience way beyond what your website alone can achieve - sending your business and message viral.

We consider social media marketing to be the core of our business - and today, it should be the focus of yours when it comes to marketing.

Many businesses/brands simply don't take advantage of the power of social media because they find it time consuming. Well, in part it is.

We can integrate social media marketing into a PR and digital campaign for you with sustained results. We can provide initial setup of social media pages, or revision of your current online presence. If you already have a social media person or team in place, we can work with them to augment the results.

Many social media marketing firms charge a lot for this service, but they do a lot too. Our fees are VERY low in comparison because we keep to your budget and only do what is necessary, without charging more for things you really don't need to be successful on social media.

Mobile marketing

There's no way around it... smartphones and tablets ARE the way to reach the masses and stay in front of your customers. Today more people are on-the-go and on-the-move than ever before... yet they want to stay connected to what interests them. Using social media as well as having your own branded mobile app or mobile-optimized website will allow you to never lose touch with your audience and clients.

Our top recommendation for app creation of your mobile marketing needs is Swiftic. However, today your own app is not necessary. At the very least, just be sure to have a mobile optimized website - and in most cases, that’s all you need.


Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.
— Walt Disney


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